Food Processing

As a pioneering pest management service provider with over 25 years of experience in the field, we understand your requirements best. Whether your business is in the production, processing, packaging or delivery of food, we understand your necessity to abide by the regulations and standards in the industry. We have a history of working with the leading food companies in India (Domestic and MNC’s). We have immense exposure in handling critical audits such as ISO, AIBF and HACCP. Moreover our highly trained team of technicians and supervisors will ensure a pest free environment.Using our experience and knowledge of pest species, theirbehavioral patterns, infestation rates and likely recurrence levels, we can identify the problem and propose solutions based on the situation specific to that environment rather than adopting a fixed standard approach. Each of these solutions have been developed over time through working with customers across the food supply chain, from ingredient suppliers, through production, logistics and transportation and within food retail.

Retail, Warehousing, Containers and Logistics

With increasing globalization and entry of MNC’s into the Indian industrial sector, there has been a rapid transition in the logistics, storage and handling operations involved, especially in the food sector. Our expert pest management professionals are equipped with the necessary technical know-how to analyse every level in the supply chain, in order to identify the critical control points and thus are able to successfully prevent pest infestations. We also provide fumigation based treatment services, for which we have a long history of customer satisfaction.



Commercial – Offices, Banks, IT Parks, etc.

In a growing economy such as ours, the commercial sector is one which involves regular geographic expansion. Our nationwide reach ensures uniform service quality across the country. As a result, you can choose us as your centralized pest management professional.






We have been providing domestic pest control for more than 25 years, in houses and residential complexes. We believe in providing customized services for our customers in the residential sector and thus we recommend getting in touch with us to help you out with your specific pest problems. One of the key focus areas in this sector where we have vast experience is mosquito control using fogging equipment. We have access to the latest, high performance fogging equipment, which ensures maximum efficiency, which in turn results in more value for money for our customers. 




Hospitality Sector, Pharmaceutical, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Factories etc. Apart from the mentioned sectors, we also provide pest control solutions to clients in the hospitality sector, healthcare sector, pharmaceutical sector, educational sector, general factory etc. Our experience in using natural and non-toxic methods of pest management has been popular, especially in the hospitality and healthcare sectors.