Rodent Control

Professional rodent control ensures protection from the risks of rodent borne contamination and damage. Our services include preventative measures that will help minimize these damages and provide a contamination free environment. We conduct regular inspections where our technicians also carry out procedures to maintain minimal pest recurrence levels.





Insect Control

Advanced procedures such as gel-baiting systems are offered for cockroach/ant treatment

We offer a range of bed bug control solutions including pesticide and non-toxic treatments. We also carry outpost-treatment monitoring in order to identify any specific areas of infestation where resistance to particular insecticidal products requires further alternative bed bug control treatments.

Strategic tie-ups with domestic and overseas partners have enabled us to provide a wide range of fly control services to our clients. These services are economical, effective, and at the same time provide the right aesthetic appeal. We also are experts in mosquito control using fogging techniques.


Termite Control

Pre-construction and post-construction (with service guarantee) We offer pre-construction and post-construction termite control treatment. Termite control treatments come with a service guarantee*.

*Subject to terms and conditions





Birds Control

Birds such as pigeons are capable of transmitting a wide range of diseases and can be a source of secondary infestation by pests such as lice, mites and flies. We provide bird control services including netting and other wire systems prevent the nesting and roosting of these birds in buildings.





Reptile, weed and other pest control services

Other key areas where our company has vast experience include lizard control, snake control, weed control, anti-fungal treatment etc.